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Chin Filler Injections in Boca Raton, Florida

Chin filler injections are a type of treatment that can help to redefine a person’s jawline using hyaluronic acid filler. The process is in many ways similar to a non-surgical rhinoplasty (often just called a non-surgical nose job). This allows for sculpting and contouring of the chin and surrounding area without the need for more invasive surgery, which comes with both added risks and added expense.

What Our Patients Say

“The services and customer service at Cosmetica is unlike any other! Their staff could not be any more friendly. From appointment scheduling to my visit everything went so smoothly. I would highly recommend to my friends and family. I’ll Be back for another treatment soon.”

Melissa S.

“Highly recommend! Loved my experience at Cosmetica Med Spa. The facility is gorgeous! Everyone was very friendly and all my cosmetic concerns were met with the utmost professionalism. Will be returning for all my cosmetic needs!”

Jen S.

Types of Chin Filler Used at Cosmetica Med Spa

Several different types of filler are available, including these:

Juvéderm Voluma

Juvéderm’s Voluma injectable gel is one very popular product used for chin filler, and it is also appropriate for use as a cheek filler too. As a hyaluronic acid gel filler, it is highly evidence-based. This particular gel was actually the first to be approved by the FDA for use as a chin filler


Bellafill is currently the only dermal filler that stimulates collagen growth long term. It is another gel offering that can be used for both the chin and cheeks. This filler is made of polymethyl methacrylate (PMMA) microspheres suspended in collagen gel.


Captique is a well-established dermal filler that can be used to enhance chin and cheek volume. This product shares many similarities to VOLUMA, using hyaluronic acid as its main component. 

While the term acid is often framed as representing something dangerous (and acids can be), this is a type of acid that occurs naturally in the body and is found in high concentrations in several key parts of the face. 

Injections Treatment Process at Cosmetica Med Spa

The way Cosmetica Med Spa approaches this treatment is designed to make the process straightforward and safe. 

Pre-Treatment Consultation

You’ll talk with a professional about the process, what sort of aesthetic result you hope to achieve, and the general nature of the process. Also important will be a discussion about your medical history, with some factors potentially making you ineligible for this type of procedure for safety reasons or because it might make the results unreliable. Factors that may interfere with eligibility include being pregnant or on certain medications. 

During Treatment

The actual procedure will involve targeted injections to fill out key areas of your jaw and potentially cheeks, essentially sculpting your face to change its aesthetic, such as to give your jaw more definition and increase your facial symmetry. 

The needle that is used is very precise and small. Before getting injections, a topical anesthetic cream is applied to numb the injection sites.

After Your Chin Filler Procedure

Recovery for this procedure is much quicker than for a similar procedure done surgically. A person usually only has at worst light bruising and some tenderness for a few days, which should heal without major issue.

Chin Filler Injection Results at Cosmetica Med Spa

Our patients typically love the results they get from this procedure. More generally speaking, this type of non-surgical sculpting is associated with very positive patient feedback when performed by experts, such as those at our facility.

Benefits of Getting Chin Filler Injections

Various studies have shown these procedures are safe and tend to have high rates of patient satisfaction. Non-surgical filler procedures performed by experts in well-equipped facilities like ours have fewer risks than surgical aesthetic procedures, are cheaper, and allow you to recover faster. 

This type of procedure is also less of a commitment, generally lasting a long time without being permanent. It is generally reversible with another simple procedure if you decide you want to return to your old look. You have a path to reverse the result if you aren’t happy with it.

How Long Do Chin Filler Injections Last?

One study of over 300 patients who have had this type of procedure showed most participants retained improvements for up to six months, with partial improvements often remaining present for as long as one year. 

It’s also possible to reverse the results of this procedure sooner with an additional procedure, which involves injecting a substance that counteracts the acid used as filler.

Frequently Asked Questions

These are some of the questions we hear most about chin filler injections:

What is chin filler?

On a basic level, chin filler is a type of product designed to be injected into the chin to add volume and help contour its shape to be more aesthetically pleasing. The types of fillers used by reputable experts are all studied and highly evidence-based, often using substances that are already naturally occurring in the body, notably hyaluronic acid. 

Are chin fillers safe?

Any procedure involving injections has risks but major complications that are theoretically possible with this type of procedure. Infection, embolism, necrosis, nodule, or the development of witch’s chin have been shown to be extremely rare in multiple studies. 

The biggest issues most people who get this procedure may face is temporary swelling and pain at their injection sites. The majority of patients are satisfied with the overall result of these kinds of procedures.

How much do chin filler injections cost in Boca Raton, FL?

The typical cost of filler injections can vary due to a few factors, such as the location of the office, skill of the practitioners, and what the treatment cost includes. For example, hyaluronic acid costs an average of $684 per syringe, but multiple syringes may be needed. Some treatment facilities may charge for pre-procedure appointments, but at most places, these appointments should be included in the total cost. 

How painful is getting chin fillers?

Done correctly, non-surgical chin filler treatments aren’t typically very painful. The needles used for the injections are very small and held by trained experts. Moreover, a topical anesthetic cream is applied to the sites where injections will be made ahead of time, which further reduces the likelihood the patient experiences any significant pain. 

For many people, the most painful part of the procedure is from the small amount of pain and swelling they may have for a few days after the procedure, which will be temporary and is almost never debilitating. 

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