Non-Surgical Nose Job at Cosmetica Med Spa

Non-Surgical Nose Job in Boca Raton, Florida

A non-surgical nose job, also called a non-surgical rhinoplasty or filler rhinoplasty, is a technique that uses injectable filler to adjust the shape of a person’s nose, generally with the goal to improve its aesthetic appearance.

This type of procedure has gained popularity among many individuals looking to change the shape of their nose without surgery. Surgery generally comes with greater risks, cost, and recovery downtime, so a non-surgical nose job can be a preferable option.

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The services and customer service at Cosmetica is unlike any other! Their staff could not be any more friendly. From appointment scheduling to my visit everything went so smoothly. I would highly recommend to my friends and family. I’ll Be back for another treatment soon.

Melissa S.

Highly recommend! Loved my experience at Cosmetica Med Spa. The facility is gorgeous! Everyone was very friendly and all my cosmetic concerns were met with the utmost professionalism. Will be returning for all my cosmetic needs!

Jen S.

Non-Surgical Nose Job Treatment Process at Cosmetica Med Spa

Our non-surgical nose jobs are straightforward, performed by experts knowledgeable in the latest evidence-based non-surgical rhinoplasty techniques. The nose will be shaped using hyaluronic acid based dermal filler, which is typical for this type of procedure and able to produce the results most clients are looking for.

This procedure has an emphasis on injecting into the avascular deep fat or sub-SMAS plane of the nose, which could roughly be called the “middle” layers of how the nose is naturally constructed. The focus is on achieving as close to your personal aesthetic and desired outcome as is feasible.

You will have talked to an expert about the specifics of your nose beforehand, the types of changes that are possible, and some of the changes many clients with your nose-type prefer, so you can understand your options.

Non-Surgical Nose Job Results at Cosmetica Med Spa

At Cosmetica Med Spa, our patients are consistently happy with the results of this non-surgical procedure, in large part thanks to the work of our skilled, experienced clinicians.


Benefits of Getting a Non-Surgical Nose Job

There are a variety of benefits to getting a non-surgical nose job. Assuming you want to change the shape of your nose, this method allows you to avoid surgery. 

While non-surgical procedures aren’t without risks, surgery is much more involved and can go wrong in more ways. Surgery also tends to be significantly more expensive and often requires significant time for a person to fully recover from their procedure, which doesn’t fit with everyone’s schedule.

Many people get these types of procedures to disguise bumps and otherwise contour their nose to be more in line with the shape they desire. This procedure is long-lasting but also not permanent, meaning that getting this type of contouring done isn’t a lifelong commitment if you’re uneasy about permanently changing the shape of your body, especially if you don’t yet know how the procedure might alter your look. 

While many people hear a term like hyaluronic acid and become concerned about having this injected anywhere in their body, this acid is naturally produced by the acid, making it a safe and effective filler. While this procedure requires expertise to perform safely, acid is a chemistry term and doesn’t necessarily mean a substance is extremely caustic.

How Long Does a Non-Surgical Nose Job Last?

Non-surgical nose jobs tend to last at least 6 to 12 months. The filler can be dissolved and broken down with a relatively easy, safe procedure to reverse the result earlier if you decide you’re unhappy with it or otherwise want to revert back to your nose’s previous shape.

Frequently Asked Questions

The following are answers to some questions about non-surgical nose jobs in Boca Raton, Florida that we regularly see asked:

What are the risks of a non-surgical nose job?

There are two primary risks associated with a non-surgical nose job. The first is poor cosmetic outcome, where the procedure simply doesn’t produce the result an individual was hoping for. This is why we believe it is important to have a direct, honest conversation with our clients. It is our goal to help you understand what to expect and we encourage direct questions. 

A more serious but rare risk is a blood vessel getting injected or the blood supply of the nose being interfered with due to an error with the procedure. In the worst case scenarios, this can lead to issues with pain, scarring, and tissue damage. In some cases, it has even caused blindness. 

These risks are well understood by the people at our spa who will perform your procedure, and they are trained to perform the procedure correctly. When you work with experts, the risks are minimized.

Are non-surgical nose jobs safe?

Any procedure that involves an injection has risks, but non-surgical nose jobs are significantly safer than surgical nose jobs. You will also have a complete medical history performed before your procedure to make sure you’re a good candidate and to help avoid complications. 

Non-surgical nose jobs aren’t for everyone. For example, pregnancy, certain allergies, and being on some medications may interfere with your ability to safely get this procedure. For this reason, always honestly answer any questions asked by your clinician.

How much does a non-surgical nose job cost in Boca Raton, FL?

The typical cost of filler injections, such as those used in non-surgical nose jobs, can vary due to a few factors, with one of the most significant being the amount of filler syringes used in the procedure. For example, hyaluronic acid costs an average of $684 per syringe.

Another factor is the surgeon and facility you choose. While cost doesn’t directly translate to quality, exceptionally cheap facilities and surgeons should make you hesitate, as it’s likely they are managing to save costs in some area that you should identify before choosing that care option.

How does a non-surgical nose job compare to a surgical rhinoplasty?

Non-surgical nose jobs cannot produce all the results possible with surgical rhinoplasty. For example, filler generally cannot reduce the shape of a person’s nose. Instead, it can be used to contour it to make it look more even, smoothing out bumps and improving symmetry. 

Surgical rhinoplasty can also produce more or less permanent results, unlike non-surgical nose jobs. For some people, this is a major commitment they want to avoid, but others may know a surgeon they trust. They may have a look in mind they’re happy to commit to and know the surgeon can help them achieve that.

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